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CAGE RECIPE: Ric Orlando's Famous Blackened String Beans

BLACKENED STRINGBEANS WITH CREOLE REMOULADE USING FLAVOR MAKER SPICES CAGE SEASONING Pan-blackened Stringbeans INGREDIENTS 2 pounds fresh stringbeans, stems picked off 1/3 cup or more  Flavor Maker CAGE Seasoning 2 tablespoons safflower or sunflower or corn oil Serves 4-6 , Ric-ter Scale: 5 New World’s Pan-blackened Stringbeans is the single most-ordered dish at the cafe. I receive requests for the recipe via e-mail, snail mail, by telephone and in person. I love when a diner walks right up to our open kitchen on a busy night with his or her plate of blackened beans and exclaims that he needs to know how to make them. Ironically, with proper ventilation, this dish is a breeze to prepare. Essentially rooted in a classic, Szechuan stringbeans, the idea of just-cooked, still-crunchy, nice-and-spicy beans with an essentially American twist is a hit at any party. Be sure that your kitchen is properly ventilated before you attempt to blacken any food indoors. Open the windows and doors and d

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